Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference 24-25 October 2018, Singapore

Asian <br> Sulphur Cap 2020 Conference

Why Attend

Specifically tailored to the needs of shipowners
Focus on the latest technological developments across all power ranges
Is the must attend event for Fleet Managers, Superintendents, Chief Engineers and Technical Directors


With over 50% of the world fleet owned or operated in Asia and 85% of global shipbuilding capacity, the Asian maritime industry plays a vital role in influencing the development of technologies in the marine sector.  The Asian Marine Engineering Conference will focus on the operational challenges of Asian shipowners and how technology can help improve efficiency and profitability.

We will provide the latest on marine engines and auxiliary equipment, fuel and lubrication technology and turbochargers and hear key perspectives on maintenance, drydocking and training. 

A spur to shipping is falling global oil costs, the lower oil price is good for shipping as well as for the oil importing countries as it bring costs down and boost demand, according to BIMCO analysis.
Since most of the countries in Asia are importing oil, we will find out the implications of having lower energy costs and lower bunker prices in the region.  

The Asian Marine Engineering Conference will bring together regulators, Asia’s shipowners, builders, designers, technologists and technical experts to discuss issues affecting operations and the latest technologies that can help solve it.

Key topics

  • Analysis of market for marine engines and auxiliary equipment
  • Main causes and sources of marine engines and auxiliary equipment failure
  • Current and upcoming regulations
  • Dialogue with owner and operator on operational strategies 
  • Trends on fuel and implications for ship operators
  • New developments for lubrication technology
  • Update on technologies to reduce emissions and their effectiveness
  • Engines forum: two-stroke engines and four-stroke engines
  • Vessel maintenance and drydocking on key perspectives
  • Technological and operational benefits of turbochargers
  • Training to utilize efficiently advanced equipment

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